About Us

We wouldn’t go as far as saying humans are involved in this project, but we are sentient.


A bunch of strange people intent on doing great things

Cocorico is the brainchild of the people at Cocolabs. We’re a team of diverse (and let’s be honest) very strange individuals. We’re also kind and caring for each other and we’re hell bent on becoming the n°1 solution dedicated to selling services online, through marketplaces and beyond. We’ve directly launched over 60 service oriented marketplaces and therefore we have the experience to back our enthusiasm.

Offering Cocorico as an Open Source solution is our way of sharing back to an industry that’s always been open, and in this openness we’re convinced we’ll find accomplishment.


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….


Arnaud (our CTO) and Anthoni (he says he’s our CEO) build their first marketplace to sell services. Although the project is a success and the clients are delighted with the finished product, it’s a very painful experience for the production team.


Arnaud and Anthoni build their 16th service oriented marketplace. They’ve identified the common denominators between these platforms and say “non” to rebuilding a platform from scratch. The first specifications of Cocorico are written up in a townhouse in Normandy, around a good bottle of Calvados.


Cocolabs is incorporated and the 1st version of Cocorico is shared on Github. From here it’s all downhill as a bunch of absolute loonies join the team. In less than 3 years over 300 platforms are built around the world, of which more than 40 by the Cocolabs team.

Cocorico: our daily obsession

Cocorico was designed from the ground up to sell services. The road here has been long and tortuous as originally we ourselves were looking for a solution. After building more than a dozen service marketplaces by hand we were confronted with a hard choice: keep reinventing the wheel or build a solution dedicated to solving this problem. We chose the latter and Cocorico was born.

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