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Cocorico is specifically designed for selling services online

Services First

E-commerce solutions are invariably designed to sell products. Not anymore. Cocorico was designed purely to sell services online.

Marketplace Minded

Services are often sold through marketplaces (think Fiverr, AirBNB, BlaBlaCar..). Cocorico is natively capable of being a multivendor platform.

Feature Rich

Nightly, daily, hourly or minute based prices, calendar availabilities, geolocation and geofencing, purchase workflows adapted to services and much, much more.

Open Source & Ready to be Yours

Cocorico is available through the business friendly MIT licence.
Built on the Symfony stack, it is a maintainable solution which offers simplicity when customized.
Easily change the design and features to make it yours.

Used by hundreds of platforms to sell services online

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The Cocorico Channel

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